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Importância da equipe

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    Vera A.
    Vera A.

    Most just managers make mistakes everyday, they see their employees as just subordinates who have been hired to poor tea and do other jobs. They forget to treat them as the one one family

    Rhodson P.
    Rhodson P.

    Team work is pouring your self into your team members to get the job done as if you where there. so even if your not there you can count on your team Even as they bring so many different skill and strength to get the goal you the leader and the entrepreneur has in mind done so you can move on the bigger things.

    Emmanuel I.
    Emmanuel I.

    Nobody do it alone. Entrepreneur has to motivate others. we are very capable people and dependent on the ability of others. There is limit on the number of hours/day which is hours/day. in all teamwork helps to accomplish more, because, the power of two knowledgeable and goal oriented people is better than the power of one.


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