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Avaliação de investidores anjo

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    Gabriel Gleh B.
    Gabriel Gleh B.

    I have done the final exam for about ten times but I can't be certify! Alison please help.

    Minudi L.
    Minudi L.

    This is a great course on how to get Angel Investors to support a business course. Angel investors are interested in startup businesses which require USD 50 to 100k of funding. The entrepreneur must have a product or service that has been tested in the market to assess it's viability as customers opinion matters in assessing the soundness of an idea. Following are the steps I would take to get angel investors to support my business course. 1. Test market the viability of the product or service 2. Ensure that the funding needs are between USD 50 to 100k 3. Propose a business which has efficiencies and low burn rate of funds. The business should have low staffing levels, less than ten in the initial stages. This will ensure less wastage and enforce productivity 4. Prepare a presentation with a very good executive summary which will act as the elevator pitch to the Angel investors and to ensure that I get invited to the next stages of the process which include a) a meeting with the Angel investor b) assessment c) funding where successful and d) an introduction to a VC for the next level of funding Knowing what the Angel investors look for helps in strengthening my case as there are other entrepreneurs who are competing for the attention of the Angel investors.

    Hilary R.
    Hilary R.

    Question 2 Doesn't make any sense to me - I would most definitely want to choose an "angel" who had decent command of the English language and one who didn't ask questions about my knowledge which would be in any form, ambiguous


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