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    Ritika S.
    Ritika S.

    Google health was killed. I was not a user but I see that product to be useful in near future. Would like to know exactly why It was killed and if anything can be done to bring it back?

    Lydia P.
    Lydia P.

    Don't kill projects, morph them.", but it's important to recognize that that really smart, talented person got interested and excited about this for a reason, and there's probably something that you can do to ultimately make it successful. And I think it's really interesting to think about, you know, not walking away from ideas but instead trying to figure out how to re-package them and how to rejuvenate them.

    Shreya C.
    Shreya C.

    Don't just walk away from project as lot of resources are utilised in it, just improve it.

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