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Publishing on Alison

What are the Next Steps?

Here are the Steps on your journey to become an Alison Publisher

1. Complete Application Form

In this application form, you will be asked detailed questions about your potential as an Alison Publisher. Some of you may be very experienced publishers, some of you may not be. However, all are welcome and encouraged to apply. There are no prerequisites for becoming an Alison Publisher. We do not discriminate on prior background.

2. Access Publishing Tool

Once you have successfully completed the Alison Publishing Application Form, you will receive an email giving you a link to the Alison Publishing Tool. Click on the link and you will be able to access.

3. Complete Training Courses

Before you begin to create a course, you should complete two free training courses. The first, entitled Introduction to E-Learning Theory and Practice, will outline to you the basics on how to create an online course from a pedagogic point of view (i.e. Learning). This course will explain to you how to structure your course and give you hints and tips on how best to put your course together. The second course, entitled Alison Publisher Tool Training Course, is a basic course on how to use the Alison Publishing Tool and is also essential learning. Both courses will take you about 90 minutes to complete, but it is time well spent. Completing the courses will set you up well to construct your first course, of what we hope will be many! By completing these two courses, you become a Qualified Alison Publisher – Level 1 , a qualification you can proudly add to your CV/Resume.

4. Build Your Course

When you have completed the steps above, you will be ready to apply what you’ve learned and start creating your very first course with Alison. You are not on your own at any time. When you have completed the two training courses, you will be assigned an Alison Publishing Mentor, who will guide you through creating your first course. Remember, you cannot submit a course for review without becoming a Qualified Alison Publisher Level 1 – (i.e. you must complete the two training courses provided – Introduction to E-Learning Theory and Practice and the Alison Publisher Tool Training Course. If you are already proficient in online publishing (and that includes tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint), you will fly through these courses!

5. Submit Your Course

On Alison, every course gets reviewed by a traditionally accredited pedagogic specialist. To cover this cost, we charge a minimum fee of €250 for each review. This fee can be (and almost always is) waived or paid off against future course royalties. You can apply to submit a course – and we will discuss the review fee with you at this stage.

6. Course Review

Under our Terms & Conditions of Publishing, you will be entitled to two reviews of each course. It is unusual for a course to need no adjustment at all, but it does happen! Assuming your course is a typical course and needs a small number of corrections/suggested improvements, the Alison publishing team will work with you to get your course up to the standard we require to have it published on the main platform. After you complete the changes we request to be made to your course, and before you re-submit to one of our Alison Publisher Reviewers, you will be issued with a standard Alison Publishing Contract.

7. Publish Your Course

When your course successfully completes its review, the course is then ready to be published on the main Alison platform. When this stage is ready, you will be asked to complete your Publisher Profile on the Alison platform. Many learners are very interested to learn about who published the course they have just studied. Alison is happy to facilitate and encourage communication between the students of any course and its publisher.

8. Market Your Course

Once your course is published, we get to work, together, at marketing the course to the world. There are many activities and tactics available to us to make sure your course gets the attention of as many students as possible.

9. Monitor Performance

Once your course is live, you will be able to track on a daily basis the performance of your course. i.e. how many people studied your course, where they were from, how many certified and so on. Learn more about Course Performance.

10. Receive Payment

With your initial publishing and marketing work done, sit back and earn 24/7 from learners accessing your course online. Of course, you can augment your earnings even more by constantly marketing your course and publishing multiple courses!


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