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    What courses have free Digital Certificates?

    Below is a list of our courses that offer a free Digital Certificate upon successful completion: Microsoft Digital Literacy - IT Basics, Internet & Productivity Programs Microsoft Ac...

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    I have completed my course, how do I receive a genuine Alison certificate?

    Having an official branded and security marked Alison Certificate is a great way to share your success. It is: Ideal for including in CVs, job applications and portfolios An indication of your abili...

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    How can I continue a course?

    Log in to your Alison account. Click the Resume Study button on the top of the homepage.   To continue other Courses:  Click on the Profile icon. Click Active Courses and select a...

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    Why can't I complete my course?

    Scenario: You have completed the whole course and passed the assessment, but the Finish button at the end of the assessment won't work, meaning your score is not recorded. Solution:   The...

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    How can I download my Digital Certificate (PDF)?

    If you have purchased a Digital Certificate/ Digital Diploma (PDF) downloading it couldn't be easier: Go to alison.com/login and login to your account. Click on My Profile in the top right corner...

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    How can I pay for my certificate?

    If you wish to view the exact price of your certificate, check out our Pricing page. If you require the use of a currency converter, please click here. You can purchase your certificate directly...

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    What can I do when my web browser doesn't work properly with Alison?

    If you have enabled Cookies, JavaScript, and Pop-ups, and still have problems, you should then check for any 'Firewall' or 'Web proxy' that might be running on your computer or your network server. In...

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    How can I start a course?

    Register or Login to Alison. Once you login, you can search for a course here. Select the course you want to study and select Start Now. When you open a course, an advert will p...

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    Are Alison courses recognised or accredited?

    Alison courses do not provide an externally accredited or recognised qualification. We have our own expert team who work on course content. With over 10 million learners, we are continuously...

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    Can I use an Alison certificate to apply to a University/College?

    We are not able to advise you on whether an Alison certificate would be suitable to apply to the university as you would need to check the entry requirements with the university/institution. Many Ali...


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