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Introduction to Hospitality Management Studies - Revised

Tourism and Hospitality
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Learn more about the key principles, concepts and skills required in hospitality management.
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Learn about the main characteristics of the hospitality industry such as products and services, communication with customers and with staff, relationship building such as developing repeat customers, cultural diversity and labour. You will also gain an understanding of the relationship between the hospitality industry and the tourism sector, as well as an overview of the different career prospects and opportunities available in the hospitality industry.

Next, you will learn about the accommodation sector and the different types of accommodation, from city centre hotels to villas and chalets, as well as the different types of specialized hotels. You will then learn about hotel rating systems, the criteria involved, and the organizations that develop and apply the systems to hotels.

Finally, you will learn about the accommodation product which refers to rooms and related products and services that hotel guests will utilize. You will learn about the various types of hotel rooms, their grading systems as well as the different types of bed associated with each room type. You will also learn about the different types of hotel guest and how to interpret and evaluate the different types of requests that are made by guests.

This course will be of great interest to professionals working in the hospitality industry who would like to learn more about the main characteristics of the hospitality industry. The course will also be of great interest to people who wish to gain employment or a career in the hospitality sector, and to owners of hospitality focused businesses.

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the relationship between the hospitality and tourism industries;
  • Discuss career prospects and career paths, within the hospitality industry;
  • Explain the classification of accommodation;
  • Explain the hotel classification/rating system;
  • Discuss the different types of accommodation;
  • Define the differences in room grading and types of rooms;
  • Explain the differences in the types of bed;
  • Describe how guest types are classified.

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