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Global Health Initiative: Diabetes Awareness

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Global Health Initiative: Diabetes Awareness
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  • Alison Global Health Initiative is a series of free online courses created to raise public awareness and understanding of common diseases that affect millions of people worldwide. In this first course important aspects of the disease diabetes are covered in detail. The course begins by defining what diabetes is, and lists the three types of diabetes and important facts and statistics about the disease. It then goes on to describe aspects such as symptoms and risk factors that are associated with the disease and how diabetes can be diagnosed and prevented. Finally, the course describes how a patient can live with diabetes and how family, friends and colleagues can cope with and support a person with diabetes. The information in this course will be of great interest to all learners, especially those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, and who would like to know more about the disease, its treatment and coping with it. It will also be of great interest to all healthcare professionals who would like access to easy to understand facts and information about diabetes that they can share with their patients.

  • Having completed this course the learner will be able to:
    - Define the three main types of diabetes
    - Describe the causes and symptoms of diabetes
    - Identify complications and risk factors associated with diabetes
    - Describe how diabetes is diagnosed and what tests are used
    - Describe how diabetes can be successfully prevented or treated
    - Describe how to live successfully with the disease, and how to cope with and support a patient with the disease

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