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Financial Literacy

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Manage your money effectively by learning how to budget and save.

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Everybody wants it, nobody understands it: money.

What you do not know about money can really affect your entire life, here is your opportunity to make a profitable commitment to your financial education.

Financial Literacy is an introductory course about personal financial management.

Did you know that four in ten American credit-card holders do not pay the full amount due every month on the credit card they use most often, despite the punitive interest rates charged by credit-card companies? And nearly one-third said they had no idea what the interest rate on their credit card was.

This course will help you to manage your money, budget and savings. Learn to manage debt successfully and understand the choice of insurance products available to you today - and why they are so important. You will have a good knowledge of wages, tax, and government benefits.

Are you ‘financially phobic’, do you shy away from anything to do with financial information, from bank statements to savings accounts to life assurance?

In this interactive multimedia course, designed to help you come to grips with your personal finances, a series of seven dynamic modules covering everything from how to set up your first bank account to planning for your retirement will put you on the path to financial fitness.

This course will help you money manage your present, and plan for your financial future.

You will learn much about managing your personal finance, including:

  • How to open a Bank Account
  • The features and tools of a Checking Account
  • What is a Savings Account
  • What is a Credit Card and how it works
  • About banking products and their features
  • Budget creation and management
  • How to deal with Debt
  • Insurance and Protection
  • Short-term saving
  • Planning for Retirement

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