Pre-Paid Certification

Your Alison Certificate is formal recognition of your learning. Once you become an Alison Graduate you can choose to purchase your officially branded and security marked Certificate. Alison Certificates can be co-branded. We offer a tailored solution where certificates may be purchased in bulk, in advance at a discounted rate.

Choose from a PDF Certificate, Printed Certificate and Diploma Parchment.

Printed Certificate and Diploma Parchment have a framed option.

Alison offer the opportunity to pre-pay for physical parchments which encourages:

  • Learner completion rates
  • Provides a sense of achievement
  • The opportunity to have a presentation ceremony

The learner can access their Certificate/Parchment by redeeming a voucher, which is produced when the company/organisation pre-pay on their behalf.

Bulk Purchasing of Alison Certificates

Where your organisation is a large volume purchaser of Alison certification services, we are happy to arrange a volume discount with your organisation directly.

Volumes for Certificates must be over 250 Certificates within a one year period. We require an upfront percentage payment.

Alison API (Application Programming Interface)

Alison API (Application Programming Interface)

An Alison API connection seamlessly links your website/internal system to the Alison suite of courses with a single sign on. We can work with you to format reports that facilitate your needs.

Pre-paid Certification

Pre-paid Certification

We offer you the option to pre-pay in bulk for Alison certificates for your graduates at a discounted rate.

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