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The Problem

Job skills training presents challenges, both for job seekers and for the workforce development professionals who assist them. For job seekers, job skills training can be intimidating and overwhelming. This can be a drain on confidence, which greatly reduces completion rates. Additionally, it is not often clear how a job seeker should structure their training. This makes it tough to maintain their progress. Then of course, there is the time workforce development professionals have to spend motivating and monitoring job seekers’ activity, which can be really difficult to get right.

The result: discouraged job seekers who still feel lost in an overwhelming system, low completion rates, and drains on professionals’ time. It’s a problem that must and can be fixed.

The Solution

Alison partners with workforce professionals in order to enhance job skills training programs. We have a track record of this solving the problems faced by these professionals and the job seekers they assist every day.

Sandra Wright - CareerSource Administrator at West Palm Beach, Florida - integrated Alison into the workforce system she works with. This was easy, and quickly empowered job seekers with confidence, guidance, and flexibility, while eliminating the time professionals had to spend monitoring job seekers’ activities. And it worked. Within two years she saw a 500% increase in completion rates.

Alison provided Sandra’s job seekers with free and accessible learning. This free access to new skills and job opportunities through personalised courses significantly built job seekers’ security, mobility, and morale. This motivated them to learn continuously. Moreover, Alison allowed these job seekers to study for free wherever and whenever suited them, and provided guidance in the form of a structured Career Guide. This broke down barriers and offered job seekers a sense of empowerment.

On top of this, Alison provided Sandra with a User Statistics feature that it offers to workforce development professionals worldwide. With this feature, professionals can immediately see how much time a job seeker has spent training on Alison. Monitoring and verifying time: eliminated. Both professionals and job seekers can then spend their time on more important job skills training activities.

The Result

Sandra’s area, the single-parent participation rates in job skills training immediately increased by over 10%. For a single alteration to the program, that is a significant immediate return. But that is just an increase in participation rates, did any of these people actually stick with the program?

As you can see in the graph here, the answer is a solid yes. Within two years Sandra saw completion rates increase by 500%. What’s more, in 2016 CareerSource added a T-Shirt incentive to their program, whereby graduates received a free Alison Graduate T-Shirt. Completion rates nearly doubled in a year, on top of the initial 500% rise.

The numbers here really speak for themselves. Implementing Alison gets more job seekers into job skills training programs, and way more job seekers completing them. This is because Alison’s learning structure is geared towards enhancing confidence, empowering individuals, and making learning a habit. It is designed to create a routine, increase study hours, and set the right conditions for continuous lifelong learning. This really makes an impact on how job seekers approach job skills training programs, as you can see in these numbers.

Integrating Alison into job skills training is simple.

Email [email protected] to find out how it can be done in your area.

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It could be the change that makes all the difference.


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