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Web Page Development

Completed: Jul 2015
Result: 100%

This course introduces the basic languages and programmes needed to create and style websites such as HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Sounds tough? Don't worry! The topics are delivered in a non-t...
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Diploma in Web Design

Completed: Nov 2014
Result: 95%

Aimed at both the beginner and intermediate web designer, this comprehensive, easy-to-understand course will teach you the fundamentals of web development tools and techniques. The course...
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WordPress - Blogging on the Web

Completed: Jul 2015
Result: 100%

Blogs have become a common and widespread means of communicating on the Web. They allow individuals provide commentary or news on a particular subject, and they can also be used as more personal on...
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Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing

Completed: Feb 2016
Result: 94%

Setting up a website can be complicated and overwhelming. This free web design and development course aims to make the process simple and even enjoyable. The lessons here will first cover the essen...
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Google AdSense

Completed: Feb 2017
Result: 85%

This Google Adsense course will teach you how to best use Google AdSense on your site. It will cover topics such as Google AdSense program policies, custom channels, search box placement, and place...
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Introduction to Angular 2

Completed: Dec 2019
Result: 80%

This free online course will first teach you what Angular 2 is. You will learn about client side templating as well as what a single page application is. You will then learn about the core philosop...
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Building a Responsive User Interface using Bootstrap

Completed: Feb 2018
Result: 80%

This Bootstrap tutorial course will first introduce you to Visual Studio and ASP.NET integration. You will learn what a browser link is, how to use templates with generated code, how to scaffold a...
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Diploma in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Completed: Oct 2020
Result: 95%

This course will first discuss how HTML and CSS structures and styles the content of a web page. You will study the global attributes that can be added to HTML5 elements as well as learn how to cre...
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Diploma in E-Commerce Web Development

Completed: Apr 2021
Result: 83%

This course introduces you to creating a fully-functioning e-commerce website from scratch, using the PHP programming language. You are introduced to PHP and the Bootstrap framework, and you will l...
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