Alison and Aiducation International join forces

June 11th, 2020: Alison, the global upskilling website and Aiducation International have formed a partnership to enhance digital learning for students from financially underprivileged families in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and the Philippines.

Since 12 years, Aiducation International supports academically talented students from low income families through awarding scholarships, providing mentoring and giving access to opportunities. Aiducation International has built a network of more than 2400 high potential students who will grow into socially responsible and active members of society who drive change and build a culture of giving back. The recent COVID-19 outbreak and resulting closure of education institutions such as Universities and Schools all over the world is creating a massive problem for students in emerging markets. As most universities in emerging markets are not yet ready to hold their classes online, students are forced to stop their education.

Alison will provide up to 2’000 free PDF Certificate and Diploma vouchers to students from Aiducation International to help Aiducation’s students to continue their education. Aiducation International employee Alexandra Spälti says: “Through this partnership, Alison enables talented young adults and aspiring leaders to realize their full potential and create positive social and economic change in their communities”.

Alison CEO Mike Feerick said that supporting academically talented youths from financially disadvantaged families trough Aiducation is something that all the Alison community are delighted to do. 

About Aiducation

Aiducation International was founded in 2007 in Kenya and Switzerland and is a Swiss for-impact organization dedicated to unleashing human potential. For that, Aiducation focusses on giving talents from low-income families with outstanding academic records who want to contribute building their societies access to a powerful blend of formal and informal educational experiences.

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