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The English Language Vertical is a comprehensive suite of online English language courses for learners of English as a second language. The courses are written by experts and align themselves with established course books and internationally recognised exams such as IELTS and Cambridge. The General English courses in the ELV follow the levels in the CEF   framework and cover the four language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. 



All of the ELV courses are packed with audio by native English speakers, so you can listen to and repeat what they say in your own time, as often as you wish. In fact, you may find that you will get much more speaking practice with these courses than you would in an English class. Think about how much time you actually spend listening in the classroom, as opposed to speaking. The facts are, students whether students are learning in the classroom or online, the most effective way to improve your basic language skills is to spend time listening to and speaking with native speakers.

There are benefits to studying online. 

- It gives you the opportunity to study at a time and pace that suits you. 

- It allows you more time to pause, think about material and repeat content so you are getting more exposure and practice. 

- It eliminates unnecessary distractions so you can spend your valuable time focusing on the things that matter to you. 


Studying our English courses allows you to test your knowledge by using our interactive assessments so you know you're learning. Our English courses allow you to listen to a large quantity of spoken English by native speakers so you can pause, practice and repeat content which will improve your skills.  



Our ELV courses have been developed using brand new proprietary software which is unique in the world of E-learning and which you will not find anywhere else. Our courses are accessible on any digital device whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet,  a laptop or a desktop computer. The course interface is scalable, which means it will be responsive to whatever device you’re studying on. The presentation and assessment slides are clearly laid out in an easy-to-follow style. Screens have tabbed pages so you can click on the part you want to see and study. Pages contain text and images/media in a way that aids instruction.  Presentation slides are followed by assessments with feedback so you can continually check your learning. Our ELV courses use professional voiceover artists from the UK and the USA so you can be confident that you are practicing a quality, authentic version of spoken English. 

The ELV suite has something for everyone. Whether you are a real beginner taking you first steps to learning English Language or a professional person already working in a country where English is the primary mode of communication, you can use these online courses for your own benefit.

Finally, our English courses are free and certified. That means it won't cost you anything and you will receive a qualification once you complete a course and pass the end of course assessment. The end of course assessment is 25 questions based on the content covered in the course.



Beginner Level English

Beginner Level English: Foundations                

Beginner Level English: Make a Request

Beginner Level English: Food

Beginner Level English - Verbs and Phrases

Beginner Level English - Grammar for Verbs, Questions and Replies

Beginner Level English: Present Continuous

Beginner Level English: Past Simple


Elementary Level English

English Course - Present Simple and Continuous (Elementary level)

English Course - English for Travel (Elementary level)

English Course - Describing Places and Things (Elementary level)

English Course - People, Past and Present (Elementary level)

English Course - Talk about Food and Drink (Elementary level)

English Course - Describing Activities (Elementary level)

English Course - Information in the Present (Elementary level)

English Course - Conversations in the Present (Elementary level)


Intermediate Level English

English Grammar - Verbs (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Present Tense (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Adjectives & Adverbs (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Prepositions (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Future (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Phrasal Verbs (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Articles & Nouns (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Relative Clauses (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Pronouns & Determiners (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Prepositions & Conjunctions (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Comparisons & Word Order (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Passive Speech (Intermediate level)

English Grammar - Modal Verbs (Intermediate level)


Upper-Intermediate Level English 

English Course - Past and Present (Upper-Intermediate Level)

English Course - Word Forms (Upper-Intermediate Level)

English Course - Narratives (Upper-Intermediate Level) 

English Course - Expressions (Upper-Intermediate Level)

English Course - Perfect Tenses (Upper-Intermediate Level)

English Course - Articles and Emphasis (Upper-Intermediate Level)

English Course - Clauses and Modifiers (Upper-Intermediate Level)

English Course - Gerunds and Infinitives (Upper-Intermediate Level)


Advanced Level English

English Grammar and Vocabulary - The Weather (Advanced Level)

English Grammar and Vocabulary - Fashion (Advanced Level)

English Grammar and Vocabulary - The Media (Advanced Level)

English Grammar and Vocabulary - Travel (Advanced Level)

English Grammar and Vocabulary - Discussing Work (Advanced Level)

English Grammar and Vocabulary - Describing Relationships (Advanced Level)



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