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Google Analytics Learning Path

When you create a website you need people to be able to find it easily in order to promote whatever the website content is to as many people as possible. Google is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web and has tools that you can use to promote your website effectively and make money from advertising. By studying the Alison Learning Path in Google Analytics you will learn how to use three tools offered by Google in order to gain and analyse web traffic to your website as well as use adverts to display to viewers of your website. The Alison Learning Path in Google Analytics is a series of courses that will cover Google Webmaster, Google AdSense and Google Analytics. These courses will guide you in the promotion of your website content. You will be able to make sure your website is optimised so that as many people as possible will find it and that advertisements on your website are suitable and relevant. You will also be able to track data from visitors on your website which can inform you on improving your website performance.

Courses in this Learning Path

  1. Google AdSense

    What is Google AdSense? Google AdSense allows publishers of websites to serve automatic text, image, video and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience.

    This Google AdSense tutorial and course will give you a general introduction to Google AdSense, and will cover topics such as Google AdSense policies, custom channels, search box placement, rich image ads, placement targeting, blocking and allowing ads, reviewing your ads and performance reports, and finally how to use Google AdSense to help you earn a living, allowing you perhaps the freedom to work for yourself, from home, or abroad.

    This Google AdSense tutorial course will be of great interest to professionals who want to promote their website more effectively and to learners who want a better understanding of how to use Google AdSense and how it operates. This course is essential learning for any budding online entrepreneur or individual seeking a career in an online business environment.

    1-2 Hour
    50 Points
  2. Google Analytics

    Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power. When it comes to finding excellent data that can improve website performance, Google Analytics is one of the best tools available. If you can use it, you can see where your visitors are coming from, what content is popular, and how well your website is performing. These are in-demand skills. But most people only the know the basics of Google Analytics. So, if you can gain really in-depth knowledge of this tool, then you (and the website you work with) will really stand above the crowd.

    This course is designed to make sure you can use Google Analytics to its fullest, and gain all the advantages that come with that skill. The course will show how to use Google Analytics to see how well your paid keywords perform in terms of conversion rate, revenue and ROI. You will then learn how to identify problem areas in your campaigns by looking at your bounce rate. Next you will see how to track sales down to the product level and refine your keyword bid amounts based on ROI calculations. Finally, you will learn how to use Analytics to identify which markets to enter by using the map overlay report.

    Whether you manage or own a small blog, or want to work for a major international commercial website, understanding how to use Google Analytics can be a source of great possibilities. With this skill you will enhance your employability and your website’s profitability. Simply put, knowing how to use Google Analytics fully, which not a lot of people do, will give you the edge.

    1-2 Hour
    50 Points
  3. Understanding Data Analysis and Reports in Google Analytics

    This follow-on course takes you deeper into the workings of Google Analytics and provides comprehensive training for marketers and data analysts seeking to understand the core principles of digital analytics and how to improve web site performance through better data measurement. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a web site's traffic and sources and it also measures conversions and sales. It can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines and social networks, direct visits and referring sites. It also displays advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents.

    In this course you will be guided on how to build an effective measurement plan and what the best practices for collecting actionable data are. You will learn about key digital measurement concepts, terminology and analysis techniques, and the role of reports in Google Analytics, with specific examples for evaluating your digital marketing performance.

    This course will be of great interest to all marketing and data analysis professionals who would like a better understanding of how data analysis can improve web site performance, and to all learners who would like to learn more about Google Analytics.

    1-2 Hour
    50 Points
  4. Preparing for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test

    Google Analytics is a free software application available from Google that helps run websites more effectively and efficiently. It shows how visitors find and use websites so that informed website design and content decisions can be made. It can improve website performance to convert more site visitors into customers, track the performance of keywords, banner ads and other marketing campaigns, and track metrics such as revenue, average order value and e-commerce conversion rates.

    This course will help with training for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test. The course covers topics such as installing the Google Analytics tracking code, analysing traffic sources, implementing campaign tracking and AdWords integration, e-commerce tracking, internal site searching and other topics.

    This course will be of great interest to learners who are preparing for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test, and to IT professionals and business professionals who are interested in using the power of Google Analytics to greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of websites.

    1-2 Hour
    50 Points


Successfully complete all of these courses to receive a Google Analytics Learning Path Award.

All your learning will be reflected in your Learner Record, which you can download for free at any time.

You also have the option of purchasing an Alison Certificate for each of the above courses you successfully complete.


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