Advanced Science Learning Path

The science sector continues to grow and expand worldwide, and subsequently so does the demand for individuals with advanced science skills. Individuals with a knowledge of advanced science are eligible to work in a variety of fields related to the science industry. The Alison learning path on advanced science will provide a well-rounded understanding of the three main science subjects- Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. A well-rounded knowledge of science is very attractive to employers in a variety of areas. The Alison advanced science learning path will be of interest to anyone who wishes to enter the science sector in the future. It will also be of interest to anyone currently working in the science sector who wishes to review the advanced theories of the three main science subjects. This Alison learning path will cover areas such as; cellular theory, evolution, natural species, electricity, friction, gravity, volume, elements, and the periodic table.

Courses in this Learning Path

  1. Advanced Biology 1

    This online biology course will give you an introduction to cell theory and cell survival. It will discuss the main activities and principles of cells, as well as the main types of cells, particularly prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. It will also give an introduction to cellular respiration and cover topics such as aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration, and the ADP/ATP system. The course will also cover the molecules that are found in cells, such as lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids.

    Next, you will study the structure and functions of enzymes, the inorganic materials such as minerals and carbon dioxide, the structure and function of membranes, and the cell life cycle. The course will also cover the basal metabolic rate, homeostasis, photosynthesis, diseases caused by worm, fungi, arthropods, and other pathogens, the transmission of pathogens and parasites in animals and plants, the nervous system, plant hormones and their actions, experimental methods and design, and more.

    Did you know that the largest cells found in nature are ostrich eggs? If you want to learn more about cell biology, this free online Advanced Biology course is perfect for you. It is particularly suitable for any student of biology at the second level, or anyone who wants to gain more knowledge and understanding of the biological world around us. So, have a look at the course and start learning about the amazing structural and functional unit of every living organism in the world.

    2-3 Hours
    50 Points
  2. Advanced Biology 2

    This Advanced Biology 2 course in our Biology suite examines natural selection, patterns of evolution and molecular biology. It also explores DNA, protein synthesis and mutations and gene mapping. It is a practical guide for those working in life sciences who want to refresh their knowledge of biology or for any student of biology studying the subject at second level.

    2-3 Hours
    50 Points
  3. Advanced Physics 1

    This course will first introduce you to electrical systems, covering topics such as electric current, electric charge, voltage, resistance, work done, and power. You will then study electrical circuits including series circuits and parallel circuits as well as capacitance, capacitors, and discharging capacitors. You will study the conversion of alternating current (AC electricity) to direct current (DC electricity) as well as learn about transducers such as light-dependent resistors (LDRs), light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and thermistors.

    Next, you will study magnets and magnetism and cover topics such as magnetic fields, moving charges in magnetic fields, and electric motors. You will explore the nature of sound, standing waves, the wave equation, and the reflection, transmission, and absorption of sound. You will also study sound diffraction and the superposition of sound waves, amplitude, loudness, intensity, the decibel scale, and acoustic power. The course also covers the speed of sound and its importance.

    Most of us eventually regret not paying more attention to our teacher in class, especially for difficult subjects such as physics. If you just need a little extra help with advanced physics, this is the free online course for you. The course will provide you with a comprehensive grounding in physics and is ideal as a complement to regular classes or as study and revision aid. So, check out the course now and boost your understanding of physics in just a few short hours!

    2-3 Hours
    50 Points
  4. Advanced Physics 2

    This tutorial reviews motion, electric fields, spectra, energy transfers, force, acceleration, gravity Newton's Laws, projectiles, light, and much, much more. This comprehensive grounding in Physics is ideal as a complement to regular classes, as a study and revision aid, and as a resource for someone pursuing an interest in basic science.

    2-3 Hours
    50 Points
  5. Advanced Chemistry 1

    This Advanced Chemistry 1 course offers an in-depth exploration of general, organic and analytic chemistry. It examines various topics such as chemical equilibrium, rates of reaction, chromatography and their applications in real-world industries.

    These tutorials are an excellent complement to chemistry classes for students or for those working in the chemical industry who would like to refresh their knowledge of these topics.

    3-4 Hours
    50 Points
  6. Advanced Chemistry  2

    This course in Advanced Chemistry 2 looks at elements, electrochemistry and food chemistry among other topics. It is an ideal course to engage students and help them grapple with the subject matter in an interactive and self-paced manner. It is particularly suitable for any student of chemistry at second level, or anyone who wants to gain more knowledge and understanding of the world of chemistry.

    3-4 Hours
    50 Points


Successfully complete all of these courses to receive a Advanced Science Learning Path Award.

All your learning will be reflected in your Learner Record, which you can download for free at any time.

You also have the option of purchasing an Alison Certificate for each of the above courses you successfully complete.


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