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Free Math and Science Courses for Homeschoolers

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Homeschool students of high school age will find a broad range of subjects, including the core subjects of math and science here. The courses are provided by respected publishers and cover the main topics that are widely studied. It is recommended that you study math for four years or a minimum of three. In general, pupils will study algebra I in ninth grade, geometry in 10th grade, algebra II in 11th grade and calculus in 12th, however, the beauty of homeschooling is in the flexibility it offers. Alison’s free online Math courses are rated as certificates or diplomas based on their length rather than difficulty. Our Diploma in Mathematics therefore could keep your 10th grader busy for a whole semester. Our science courses range through human and plant biology to genetics, physiology, chemistry and physics. Whichever courses you opt for, our experts cover all the main subjects in self-paced courses so students can study in a manner that suits them and repeat lessons as required.

Top Free Online Homeschool Math and Science Courses

9th Grade Math

Homeschooling online is easy with our math lessons, including these algebra I courses. We have also included some courses for honours level algebra students. The key topics include expressions, equations and functions, real numbers, linear inequalities, exponents, factoring and polynomials and radical and rational expressions. If you don’t see the topic you are looking for here, search Alison.com as we have many more math courses, with new additions arriving frequently.

10th Grade Math

Often 10th graders will focus on geometry, although there are no hard and fast rules. Homeschooled children can work at the pace that’s best for them so they may continue on with algebra I. Some may speed through geometry and be ready for algebra II before their peers and that is fine too. Here we have a selection of geometry courses for you, covering the core areas of numbers and shapes, area and co-ordinate geometry. We also introduce trigonometry and functions and calculus in these fully taught free homeschool courses. 

11th Grade Math

This selection of courses includes statistics, algebra II and algebra II Honours courses such as pre-calculus. It also includes numbers and shapes, sequences and series, differentiation and functions and probability and statistics. Have a look under the other grades and on Alison for a host of further options that will equip your homeschooled teenager with all the math skills they require.

12th Grade Math

By 12th grade, math students will have a broad understanding of algebra, trigonometry and geometry and will be ready to explore these at a deeper level. With the onus on getting ready for college entrance exams and considering what college courses they might want to take, we have included courses that will be useful for those interested in pursuing further studies in finance and in engineering.

See our selection of AP and CLEP courses for more college prep math options.


Biology is comprised of the Greek words for life (bios) and logos (reason) and is the study of all forms of life, plant, human and animal and micro-organisms. It’s an important subject as it helps us to understand how things develop, interact, evolve and function. Without Biology, modern medicine would not exist. For a well-rounded education in the subject, you should aim to cover botany - the biology of plants, and zoology - the study of animals, and microbiology, which involves organisms that are too tiny to be seen with the naked eye, such as algae, fungi and bacteria . Our courses will give you a good grounding in key areas such as genetic theory, cell theory and much more. 


One of the branches of Biology, human anatomy allows us to study our biggest organ - our skin - along with everything that lies beneath. Master the elements of the skeletal system, the bones that give our body its structure, along with the muscular system. An amazingly complex form, we humans are sustained by many interconnected systems that keep us alive and well, from the heart and blood vessels and arteries of the cardiovascular system to the respiratory system that enables us to breathe in oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. Explore the reproductive system, chew on fascinating facts about the digestive system and plumb the depths of the urinary system in these first rate free courses.


If you’ve ever wondered how a diamond can be made out of the same substance as coal, you can find the answer in chemistry. Both are made from carbon but have completely different atomic structures. Thankfully, you don’t need access to a fully equipped laboratory to master the fundamentals of this fascinating subject. Our free online Chemistry courses cover the full range of subjects relating to matter (basically anything that takes up physical space) and its properties. Touching on aspects of both Biology and Physics, Chemistry includes Biochemistry, the study of chemicals in living things as well as organic and inorganic chemistry (substances with and without carbon). 


If you want to understand how and why the universe behaves as it does, Physics will give you many of the answers. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary sums up this core Science in easy to follow terms, as ‘a science that deals with matter and energy and the way they act on each other in heat, light, electricity, and sound’. Take our courses to learn about the major discoveries of the last centuries and the major laws that govern the way objects move, the basics of electricity and magnetism and much more.

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