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Bottom of the Pyramid Learning

Since Alison helped pioneer the free online learning revolution in April 2007, many other education institutions have joined it in providing free teaching resources online. Many innovative colleges such as Harvard University, MIT, and Stanford University have led the way.

While we at Alison publish many of the courses provided by these great educational institutions, our focus is very much not on the highly educated learner with a Master’s Degree of PhD to his or her name. Our focus at Alison is helping those at a lower level of learning, those for instance who are learning a language such as English for the first time, or those learning basic business principles around project management, accountancy, human resources and customer service.

We strive to help workers in the workplace to do their jobs better, upskilling, and keeping them skilled. Helping them with their compliance obligations in terms of Data Protection, Health and Safety and the like, but also empowering people with the knowledge and confidence to start their own businesses and be creative in their workplace and within their communities.

Alison in particular has huge followership among lower skilled blue collar workers across the world learning new technology and business skills to compete in the modern economy. Alison is one of the largest free learning providers across the developing world with millions of learners across Africa and Asia. We also have huge numbers of immigrants, elderly, formerly incarcerated, those living with disabilities for whom learning virtually and for free online is a highly valued personal opportunity. Whether you have a PhD, or are at a secondary education level, you are very welcome to Alison, to learn what you don’t know, and to publish what you do know. The Bottom of the Pyramid is the largest learning community in the world but everyone is welcome. If you are thinking of becoming an Alison publisher, this is who we publish for!

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