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The American Digital University (ADU) entered the online learning community in 2003, when online learning was still the wild west. Our journey at ADU began with the development and the strengthening of relationships with the maritime industry and the learning institutions connected to the profession. In partnership with many stakeholders across schools worldwide and the industry we uncovered some real are anr now addressing this through the creation of more accessible instructional and learning opportunities for students interested in entering the maritime industry.

ADU work extensively with the regional Work Force Development Boards to provide tuition-free education skill-based training. Together with leaders in the maritime industry and in schools, we redefined maritime learning and training by transforming brick-and-mortar classes into effective web-based channels. In India, through a government sponsored programme, ADU has become the de facto online training provider for the Indian maritime community.

American Digital University provides quality online supplemental courses. As a service provider with over a decade of experience, we serve higher education institutions as e-learning consultants and as e-learning content development partners. We also provide off-the-shelf courses in areas such as mathematics, science and professional maritime studies

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