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API - Application Programming Interface integra il sito Alison al sito di tua organizzazione, non è necessario collegarsi due volte per studiare uno dei nostri tanti corsi gratis. Se sei un gestore HR, Business proprietario o un direttore questo è un modo innovativo per sfruttare il potere di Alison online di apprendimento nell'organizzazione.

Globalmente Alison consente organizzazioni grandi e portali lavoratori nazionali e statali per integrare Alison Free Learning nelle loro offerte web per i membri e il personale. Alison cresce portafoglio di liberare i corsi online è potere di upskill individui -, le imprese grandi e piccoli, comunità e interi paesi.

Alison has a standard API. After connecting a qualified engineer with our API team, it generally takes about two days to get up and running. We have a standard integration cost of €2,000 for all clients worldwide. If the integration takes longer, further fees may apply for our additional engineering time, but rest assured, it is in our interest to get your learners up and running asap.

When someone connects from your site to ours, they become a member of our site also and so will be subject to standard Alison Terms & Conditions. All information exchanged is permission based, and all learners introduced by you to our platform will be asked to confirm their understanding that they are entering a new website and system. Similarly, all learners will be asked to give us permission to provide back to you information about their learning activity. At all times, we strive to make sure our users are fully aware of the information they are providing and why we gathering it.

To proceed with an application please fill out the following details, and technical information with respect to our API connection will be send to you. If you are happy to proceed on the basis of the information we send you, you can return to this page and proceed with your order.

If you have any further question, please contact our Enterprise Team on [email protected]

Se la tua organizzazione ha una necessità per:

Daily/Weekly/Monthly report on all learning activity generated by the traffic you send to the Alison Free Learning Platform including the following statistics:
  • Competenze di addestramento
  • Antiproliferazione
  • L'istruzione in un posto di lavoro, community, regione o paese
  • Number of Successful Graduations

Who uses an API connection to the Alison Free Learning platform?

Alison has integrated with third party websites and portals for over ten years. Most of our integrations are in the USA and UK, however the number of API connections we have is spread right around the world.

The main users to date have been state workforce agencies – either national or regional. The benefit here is that workforce agencies can see how much learning is being completed by learners they send though. Information such as the number of completions, and indeed, the number of hours of study, both individually and for groups, is important for both planning and funding purposes.

The second biggest groups are organisations with a large number of employees who are accessing our 1,000+ free courses as a complement to their in-house training. Organisations that use Alison in this way include large multinational corporations, Non-Profit Organisations, as well as small to medium enterprises.

A third group are recruitment agencies who insist that people seeking to gain employment through them start to upskill themselves. This improves the employment potential of learners towards getting a job, and of course, for the recruitment agency to earn a commission.

Whether large or small, we have made our API integration process as seamless as possible. Our average implementation time is just two days, once we have full technical cooperation from our API partners.

Feedback from our team is that your API was the best documented and most straightforward of any they are currently working on - thank you.

- Alison API Client

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