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Module 1: Creazione, Finanziamento e Marketing a Abbigliamento Etichetta

    Study Reminders

    Developing a Business Plan
    Developing a Business Plan
    Your business plan is going to contain information on your fashion label or company, the competitive landscape, your industry, marketing information, distribution, management, and financial information.
    Every successful business owner has one of these, including all the famous designers that you look up to, so you should know and understand exactly how to craft one.
    Business Plan Guide:
    Draft a Summary 
    Discuss Specifics
    Research the Fashion Market
    Develop a Marketing Plan
    Outline your Organisational Structure
    Draft a Cost Analysis
     Owning a Business in the United Kingdom
    If you want to start a clothing line or open a small business in the United Kingdom, there are some things that you need to know. You need to register your business before you begin selling clothing under a label.
    Most businesses will register as a limited company, partnership, or sole trader.
    Business Insurance
    If you are going to own a business, then owning business insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your company against unexpected expenses.
    Choose from the following insurance options:
    Commercial Property Insurance - This covers the cost of rebuilding or repairing business repairs.
    Limited Insurance - Covers the cost of compensation claims following any negligence made against you
    To be sure, you should always check with the business rules and regulations before conducting business.
     Creating a Clothing Label
    The fashion industry is competitive, so if you have decided you want to create your label and launch your clothing line, there are some start-up steps that you should take into consideration.
    Come up with a ‘Must Have Item’
    Develop the Design
    Make a Prototype
    Organise Your Business
    Establish a Pricing Model
    Fund Your Business
    Financing and Marketing
    Financing Your Clothing Label
    The amount of money that you will need to start your label depends on your business needs and your goals.  If you are interested in applying for a loan in the United Kingdom, there are a few requirements that you must meet:
    You must be a resident of the United Kingdom
    You must be 18 years of age or older
    You must start, plan to start, or currently have, a UK-based business, which hasn’t been trading for a period of 24 months
    Not currently bankrupt or on a debt relief order
    You cannot have an outstanding trust deed or individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)
    Not currently be on a debt arrangement scheme or debt management programme
    Start-up businesses prefer to apply for grants because they usually do not require payback.
    Crowdfunding websites allow members to pool their resources and investing as little as £10 each in start-ups.
    Business Loan
    A traditional business loan from a bank is still a popular route for many first-time business owners, and it offers you the ability to retain equity in your business.
    Marketing Your Clothing Line
    While there are many different marketing methods available, the ‘Four P’ method is the best place to begin.
    The four P’s stand for:
    Event Hosting
    Another great way to market your fashion designs is to host events that teach people how to dress. These are becoming increasingly popular for women who want to improve their public perception and image.