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Module 1: Abbigliamento Struttura, Tech Packs e Pre - Produzione

    Study Reminders

     The following activities require you to research and explore. Although they will not be evaluated, they will help you grow and develop as a fashion designer.
    Activity 1 
    Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes
    In this activity, you will practise making a checklist of what you expect from your manufacturer. You might be undecided about your career path, but if you know the kinds of clothing that you would like to design, it will help you to narrow down your selections.
    Another thing you should do is visit the website mentioned in the Resource Section for this module and scroll through the clothing manufacturers to see the different options that are available in your area. 
    What did you notice in your search? 
    Are there any factories that will suit your design needs perfectly? 
    After creating your checklist, did you find that there are some things that you need from a factory?
     Activity 2 
    Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes
    At this point in the course, you should have plenty of sketches and design ideas from previous activities. For this activity, you will need to bring out those old sketches and practise creating a garment tech pack using the tips you have learned in the module.
    Pretend that you are sending your sketch off to the manufacturer and do your best to communicate all your design ideas in detail. You should include every page mentioned in this module.
     Activity 3
    Estimated Time: 10 minutes
    Write a paragraph describing corsets as a supportive structure and their uses. 
    Activity 4
    Estimated Time: 10 minutes
    Write a paragraph explaining the three ways that you can add volume to a garment.
     The answers, feedback, and advice section for these activities will be found in the Resource Section.
     Activity 5
    Estimated Time: 10 minutes
    Work your way through the following paragraphs and insert the most appropriate words to fill in the missing blanks. There is a total of 10 for you to work through. 
    If you are looking to 1_________ parts of the body and add support and shape, you can apply a 2________ technique. Padding is also great for creating hemlines, shape, and to add weight. The process involves creating a 3________, which is then stuffed with polyester 4________, lamb’s wool, ammo wool, or cotton batting.
    Net is a 5________, open mesh material and is one of the oldest fabrics known. You can find netting in a variety of man-made and 6_______ fibres, textures, and colours including silk, 7________, polyester and nylon.
    You can add 8_______to a garment for several reasons. Linings can add to the overall design, retain warmth, and help hide any 9_________ construction. You can work lining into your whole garment or use a 10_______ lining.
     The answers, feedback, and advice section for this activity will be found in the Resource Section.
    Approximately 90% of the clothing sold in the UK is manufactured abroad.
    Only about 6% of people employed in the UK fashion industry are employed in fashion manufacturing. A further 1% is employed in the UK manufacturing of footwear.