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Module 1: Pattern di completamento, Garment costrutting e Draping Techniques

    Study Reminders

    The following activities require you to research and explore. Although they will not be evaluated, they will help you grow and develop as a fashion designer.
    Activity 1 
    Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes
    For this activity, you will need to gather some fabric, a needle and thread. If you don’t already have the necessary tools, it is a good idea to obtain them now and continue to collect the tools, as you will be using them in the future.
    Work your way through the list of stitches and begin practising your techniques. If you are a visual learner and need some inspiration or guidance, you can look to the internet for images on the technique. Spend some time familiarising yourself with these stitches and perfecting your sewing skills.
    Activity 2 
    Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes
    Look for scraps or samples of one or more of the specialised fabrics covered in this module. You may even have one or more of them in your home. Choose leather, lace, sequins or fur and familiarise yourself with the difference in their textures.
    You should now practise those stitching skills and attempt to hand sew these fabrics. After working with the different techniques, which method will work best for your specialised fabric?
     Activity 3
    Estimated Time: 10 minutes
    In a paragraph, describe what fitting the toile means. 
    Activity 4
    Estimated Time: 10 minutes
    Write a paragraph explaining the three ways that you can cut a pattern along the grain line. 
     The answers, feedback, and advice section for this activity will be found in the Resource Section.
     Activity 5
    Estimated Time: 10 minutes
    Work your way through the following paragraphs and insert the most appropriate words to fill in the missing blanks. There is a total of 10 for you to work through. 
    Lace can be made by hand or 1___________ with knotting, braiding, looping, or knitting 2_________. When you are working with lace, keep in mind that it is fragile and needs to be handled with care. Also, you will need more fabric because most lace fabrics are 3_______ or horizontal in pattern, which means they should be matched up when 4__________ clothing.
    Leather is made of reptile or 5__________ skin and is one of the oldest materials used. This material is extracted through a process called 6__________. Once the skin is properly tanned, it becomes leather after a variety of finishing 7_________ are completed.
    There are two different types of 8_____ that you will come across in the fashion industry. Real fur comes from an 9________ and contains short under fur and longer hair called guard hair. The second type of fur is a manufactured 10________ fur fabric, which is much more sophisticated.
     The answers, feedback, and advice section for this activity will be found in the Resource Section.
    There has not been a fur farm in the UK since they were banned in 2003, but it's not illegal to wear fur.
     Montreal-based accessory brand, Matt & Nat, began producing vegan leather bags for the fashion market 20 years ago. The UK was the brand’s first overseas conquest and remains the biggest market overseas.