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Module 1: Storia di Fashion Design

    Study Reminders

    21st Century Fashion Vogue Introduction
    After learning about fashion throughout the decades, you might begin to recognise some of the fashions in the 21st century. You should have also realised that every decade looked to the past for inspiration.
    With that said, the 21st century has been a grab bag of decades past and continues to draw design styles from centuries-old fashion designers. Alternatively, there are also new trends that arise due to changes in technology and environmentalism, which the fashion industry has never seen before. To illustrate this point, let’s take a look at some 21st century fashion trends.
    Sustainable Fashion
    The fashion industry is now much more eco-conscious, and many designers are utilising sustainable fabrics or man-made alternatives in their clothing.
    Many top designers like Vivienne Westwood, Prada, Katie Jones, and Auria, have pledged to eliminate their carbon footprint.
    High-Tech Clothing
    You might remember tech clothing slowly started making an appearance at the end of the 20th century. 
    However, in the 21st century, we really started to stretch the boundaries of what we could do with fabrics. 
    Fashion designers started to make wrinkle-free clothing, anti-static fleece, stain resistant ties, and machine washable leather. 
    We also came up with hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and even fitness clothing in this era.
    Vintage Clothing
    In the 21st century, everything that is old is new, which means some of the styles from decades past is upcycled and considered ‘vintage’. 
    For instance, leggings, big bows, and skinny jeans have circled back during this decade. We have also seen a re-emergence of high heel boots, pencil skirts, and ballet flats.