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Module 1: Elementi Essenziali di Auditing

    Study Reminders

    The main points from this module are as follows:

    Policy is a top level document. Policy tells about an organization’s culture, commitment and focal areas of improvement. Policy is checked for false claims, continuing applicability, practicability and links to other polices.

    A management system program, is a program developed by a management system, to achieve objective targets, with defined action plans and target dates.

    All employees should have awareness of the policies and consequences of their own tasks, as defined by the objectives of the management system.

    An auditor verifies whether or not an organization has established procedures, to ensure that documents are controlled in proper ways, to address the following issues:

                 • Can be located, reviewed and revised
                 • Are the current version
                 • Are not obsolete or have been removed
                 • Are legible and dated
                 • Include dates of revisions where applicable
                 • Have a retention period