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Module 1: OH&SMS Performance Evaluation and Improvement

    Study Reminders

    The main points from this module are as follows:

    Three main areas of OH&SMS evaluation are: monitoring, measurement and analysis; Internal audits; management reviews.
    Management must develop, apply and carry out different processes for the monitoring, measurement and analysis of its OH&SMS.
    Monitoring can be based on observation of work being done, the assessment of documented information (e.g. records) and the utilization of interviews - this helps to identify status, so that any deviation from performance can be recognized.
    'Measurement' is the allocation of numbers to the performance of events or objects. It is related with performance evaluation. It can be extracted from the utilization of verified or calibrated equipment.
    Data analysis discovers patterns, relationships and trends in performance. It is related with the measurement of events.
    Criteria is what the management compares its performance with, for example the performance of other companies, developed codes, acknowledged standards, the organization's own codes, the organization’s objectives and its historical health and safety record (statistics).
    Management must ensure that monitoring and measuring equipment is calibrated, verified and used as appropriate.
    Management must develop, apply and carry out processes for evaluating organizational health and safety compliance, with legal and other requirements.