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Module 1: Requisiti di un sistema di gestione della salute e della sicurezza sul lavoro (OH&SMS)

    Study Reminders

    What is a leadership role and how is it mandated in the ISO 45001:2018 standard?
    Top management must ensure leadership roles and exhibit commitment towards the OH&SMS by:
    a) Owning responsibility and accountability for avoiding work-based injuries and illness; provide a safe and healthy work environment and processes.b) Making sure that the OH&S policy objectives are identified and relate to the strategy of the company.c) Making sure the OH&SMS integrates into the business processes of the organization.d) Ensuring the availability of the resources required to develop, apply, sustain and enhance the OH&SMS.e) Communicating the significance of the implementation of the OH&SMS and compliance to the standard.f) Ensuring the OH&SMS attains its intended results. 
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