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Un Introduzione all'ospedale

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    Samuel Michael S.
    Samuel Michael S.

    everybody in a hospital setting play an importance role on a dailly basic, from the team leaders to the physicans nurse assistants,they all make a difference in the patient recovery and stay in the hospital

    Socorro Z.
    Socorro Z.

    Introduction to the hospital is of course a major responsibility of the chief nurse and other staff who is in authority to give this. Introducing the hospital as a whole will give the hospital staff a clear idea before starting their tour of duty and this also in preparation for their effective performance. policies, rules and regulations are important and this should be included in the introduction including all the physical set up and others.

    Tarihi M.
    Tarihi M.

    hospital use to be one setting that you can receive medical care and was in a controlled environment with all clinicians easily available, but now we have evolved to be more mobile, technology focused, community focussed. regardless of the setting everyone has a part in the recovery of a patients. nurses, drs, Occupational therapist, social workers, cleaners, cooks, ordelies, admin staff.


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