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Module 4: Hand and Power Tools

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Power Tools
In this section, we will look into some of the power tools.
The intent of this section is to familiarize you with each of the tools and the related safety rules.

Before you will be allowed to operate a specific power tool, you must be able to show that you know the safety rules for the tool.

As your training progresses, you will learn how to operate each of the tools under the supervision of your instructor.

Power Tools
Note: Specific operating procedures and safety rules for using a tool are provided in the operator’s manual supplied by the manufacturer with each tool.

Before operating any power tool for the first time, you should always read this manual to familiarize yourself with the tool. If the manual is missing, you or your supervisor should contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Safety Rules Pertaining to Power Tools
The rules that apply to the safe use of all power tools are as follows:
• Do not attempt to operate any power tool before being checked out by the instructor on that particular tool.

• Always wear eye protection and a hard hat when operating all power tools.

• Wear face and hearing protectors when required.

• Wear proper respirator equipment when necessary.

• Wear appropriate clothing for the job being done. Always wear tight-fitting clothing that cannot become caught in the moving tool. Roll up or button long sleeves, tuck in shirttails, and tie back long hair. Do not wear any jewelry or watches.

• Do not engage in horseplay.

• Do not run or throw objects.

• Do not distract others or let anyone distract you while operating a power tool.

• Consider the safety of others as well as yourself.

• Assume a safe and comfortable position before using a power tool.

• Do not leave a power tool running while it is unattended.

• Be sure that the power tool is properly grounded and connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) before using it.

• Be sure that a power tool is disconnected before performing maintenance or changing accessories.

• Do not use a dull or broken tool or accessory.

• Use a power tool only for its intended use.

• Keep your feet, fingers, and hair away from the blade and/or other moving parts of a power tool.

• Do not use a power tool with guards or safety devices removed or disabled.

• Do not operate a power tool if your hands or feet are wet.

• Become familiar with the correct operation and adjustments of a power tool before attempting to use it.

• Keep a firm grip on the power tool at all times.

• Keep the work area clean at all times.

• Report unsafe conditions to your instructor or supervisor.

• Use electric extension cords of sufficient size to service the particular power tool you are using.

Guidelines for All Power Tools
Before proceeding with the descriptions of power tools provided in this module, it is important to overview the general safety rules that apply to using all power tools, regardless of their type.

It is also important to review the general guidelines that should be followed in order to take proper care of power tools.
The next slide presents some guidelines on how to take proper care of the power tools:

Click on each button to find out more:
1. Keep all tools clean and in good working order.

2. Keep all machine surfaces clean and waxed.

3. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures.

4. Protect the cutting edges.

5. Keep all tool accessories (such as blades and bits) sharp.
6. Always use the appropriate blade for the arbor size.

7. Report any unusual noises, sounds, or vibrations in the power tool to your instructor or supervisor.

8. Regularly inspect all tools and accessories.

9. Keep all tools in their proper place when not in use.

10. Use the proper blade for the job being done.

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