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Registrazione della transazione

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    Cherry M.
    Cherry M.

    Accounting equations

    Toral M.
    Toral M.

    This course is a revision version for those like me who have knowledge of accounting but needs a little brush up here and than. I like to support Allison and similar free online study websites for their hard work and dedication to enlighten world with education. I will suggest video or audio and also practice exercise like fill in blank to test our concept. ThanksToral

    Joyce Anne Marie M.
    Joyce Anne Marie M.

    * debit an entry in the left hand column of an account to record a debt; debits increase asset and expense accounts and decrease liability, income, and equity accounts * account A registry of pecuniary transactions; a written or printed statement of business dealings or debts and credits, and also of other things subjected to a reckoning or review * credit an entry in the right hand column of an account; credits increase liability, income, and equity accounts and decrease asset and expense accounts


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