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Modalità di visualizzazione dell'ambiente

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    Zachary B.
    Zachary B.

    What are some good ways of viewing the environment?

    Rk S.
    Rk S.

    Ways of viewing the environment:- The way we view the environment has implications for how we interact with our landscape and how we treat it. Do we see humans as an integral part of ecosystems or do we treat them as a gymnasium? These understandings become the cornerstones of the differing arguments people have over land use. This resource looks at different ways of viewing the environment. It looks at land as a commodity as well as the ways in which indigenous peoples view the land. The focus questions provided require you to further your understanding of this topic through your own research. Firstly, view the video to hear an address given to the western world by a Native American delegate. It illustrates the strong relationship indigenous people have for their environment.

    Wellington B.
    Wellington B.

    All humans have to treat our environment with respect as our own home, own land. Do not leave a garbage ou destroy vegetation or even anything that belong the scenario around it.

    Muhammad S.
    Muhammad S.

    What are the suitable ways for viewing the environment.

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