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La lingua di algebra

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    Ehsan I.
    Ehsan I.

    The skateboard guy landed on the box of pears and oranges till crushed. The shop owner was mad. In algebraic terms : a+b-p-o

    Christy R.
    Christy R.

    This course needs a plugin, but I am not sure what a plugin is. Could you tell me what a plugin is?

    Pradeep S.
    Pradeep S.

    the no. of apples is a the no. of pears is p the no. of bananas is b the no. of oranges is o total =a+p+b+o the person broke pears and oranges therefore answer =a-p+b-o (or) answer is a+b-p-o

    Edward B.
    Edward B.

    i am not really sure about that..,

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