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6,2 Creazione di un database

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    Lesson 6 - Introduction to Database Programs 6.2 - Creating a Database Creating a Database You own a bakery and want to track the sales of each food product in your bakery. You also want to find out the sales trends of each product so that you know which products your customers like the most. You also want to keep a record of all your customers' details, so that you can send them e-mail messages about any special offers. It can be a very tedious task to maintain such records manually. An easier method is to use a database program, such as Access 2007, to create and efficiently manage this information. Access 2007 provides templates for creating database applications and tables. You can save time and effort by using the templates and by modifying the templates as required. An Access 2007 database consists of objects such as tables, queries, reports, and forms. You use tables to store data about a specific category, such as customer or employee details. Data in a table is organized in columns and rows. Each table row that contains information represents a record. Each piece of information in a record is called a field. In this simulated lab, you will create a database and a table by using Access 2007. Click to launch the lab. Follow the steps to complete the lab.

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