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    hi friends ah we are going to discuss one of the important part of neurolinguistic programming which is sensor acuity as the name is sensory acuity very obvious that your physical part that gives a sensation with awareness that is sensor acuity now in neurolinguisticprogramming sensory acuity enables the party the practitioners to stop mind reading and start to have more accuracy in calibrating that is determining by criteria and not guessing worked body language including facial muscles and tones of voices is telling them obviously this is the crucial i mean this is crucial in any person ah or person to person interaction and will enhance any chance of knowing that person is deeply or working on substantial level with them now sensory acquitting as i told you that sensory acuity means the capacity that we have to be acutely aware seriously aware through our senses what are the senses seeing that is visually hearing that is auditory and feeling and touching that is kinaesthetically our sensory acuity allows us to discover the progress that we are making in our discussions are they with us or are we losing them that is to say that how much command we have on our sensory organs are we moving towards the agreed outcome now you can become acutely aware of people breathing pattern i mean how they breathe it shows nervousness it shows fear it shows hast of their lip size of their eye movements of their pupil dilation pupil dilation of the changes to their skin colour to let you know what is going on at an unconscious level inside of them these are symptoms through which you can see the mental level or situation or climate of a person sensory acuity really is a great way to gain awareness of how effective your influence is and whether you are getting the results in your communication that you desire now it is an old saying that it is not what you say it is how you say it now this saying fits with how we think in neurolinguistic programming in other words how many ways can this statement be said i really hate you justto be conveyed i hate you i hate you i hate you you see the tonality the tone the attitude reflected through the uttering if you think f all the different types of tonality and physiology that can accompanied statement i hate you you will soon realise the non verbal elements carry much more of the weight than the words so as we discussed that communication means not only the verbal communication it is non verbal communication to and that plays a vital role in determining the meaning of any conversation now according to albert barbarian a professor of psychology established the the certain percentile based on his research like seven percent linguistic that is language thirty eight percent tonality and fifty percent is physiological that is non verbal or you can say psychological now his research is not based on a very specific situation randomly he says this face to face communication is a combination of both the verbal and non verbal message between two persons sender and the receiver now people trained in neurolinguistic programming communication skills ensure that when they communicate all three channels are congruent that is their words are supported by the appropriate tonal qualities and body body language this is the programming of the nervous system this means the listener is more likely to respond and in turn the neurolinguistic programming train the person continually listens and observes the people who or to whom he is ah he is communicating with now sensory acuity the ability to perceive or experience through the lens of our own five senses so we were discussing this that it is fifty percent which is physiological that is non verbal so five senses that is sensor acuity now do you notice when you walk into someones home or a new store what you see the colours and the decor or do you hear music playing or people talking or smell food cooking or noticing flowers blooming now each of us notices different things and uses our senses to experience life neurolinguistic programming helped us to understand how each of us views the worlds and accessed us in better communicating as a result of understanding how we perceived the worlds versus how others may perceive it this is all the game of perception and it varies from person to persons asking questions and observing reactions or by knowing how a person processes information helped us better understand them and hence results in better communication with them that is to say knowingthe person knowing the situation so as to make and effective communication now sensory acuity is a phrase used in neurolinguistic programming and it deals ah i mean with everythingthat is going on around you many people move their everyday in a trance really unaware of what is going on around them that is to say how much you are aware sometimes we pass but we never care what is happening beside or behind but if you are aware in other wordsyou are alert you can look around you and you can say what was the situation sometimes we miss the car number sometimes the we miss the time in our own watch that shows the absence of mind the absence absence of our alertness now whenever an internal representation shifts something will also shift in a personal external behaviour what is the internal shift change in sensory representation images sounds and feelings now externally shifts in under thisah phase facial changes ah takes place body language ah also part through this and tonal shifts that is also part to this now as part of neurolinguistic programming participants learn to develop their own sensory awareness by detecting this settle movements in anotherpersons physiology and voice tone it is known as calibration which means detecting differences calibration means you should have calibre to know to read the mind of a person and it is easy to detect the larger movements it is the finer shift that require a high levelof warmness if you can read the mind of people through their face by reading people that is knowing when they are lying hiding emotion i mean you can ah behave with that person or you can handle that person accordingly it means that you have knack quality or a skill to unconsciously to know the people some people have their attention oriented internally which is fine for self awareness however to detect change in others and it is important ah also to have your attention oriented externally now what are the visualcues things to be examined in other persons physiology first light shifts what are the what do we mean by light shift skin colour minute muscle changes lower lip change ah pupil dilation and breathing changes serious shifts arm folding leg crossing leaning forward and back now these are the things through which you can detect very clearly that what is going on inside the mind of a person and accordingly you can behave with the mood of that person and certainly these are the non verbal cues auditory cues noticeableverbal expression like volume tone ah clearness speed pauses rhythm words i mean if you find someone very angry he or she may shout and speak very fast so this is all about the ah situation of a particular person or the situation in which a person is working or behaving now some more perceptible signals like the settle changes in the skin colour pupil dilation breathing arm leg movement i mean a lot to see if you are new this fine level of observation you would be justified in thinking it is a big leap however it does get easier with practice n l p can improve your knowledge to identify it to make you aware one can do this by expanding outer vision while staying focused on her central ah object on the central object outer peripheral vision is the wider range of vision and provides you with information regarding movement in the general vision filled now we are discussing the perceptible signals in which one is very important that feeble retina vision which is also known as tunnel vision provides you with high quality but narrow stream of visual information this is important to know that the tunnel vision is useful while focusing on single information
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    How to improve visual awareness because n l p trains you to read others mind not to disclose your mind to other or how to deal with a person successfully in a given situation so how to improve visual awareness now there are certain activities top improve the awareness to discover the small changes in peoples physiology meditation posture or sit comfortably and focus on spot on the wall ahead of you taking long breathe to relax or concentrating onthe area of the focus area of the focus means the area which you are trying concentrate or the area you are trying to explore or to work on after developing once visual awareness it is easy to diversify in the visual traits and it is obvious that each person has his or her own set of physiological distinctions for different experiences and emotions according to neurolinguistic programming there is no such universal language implied on body movement each person has his or her own unique body language with different types of experiencesand emotions neurolinguistic programming evaluates the people as they access different experiences means showing off expressions different expressions and with the help of expression a person canbe assessed with these this practice each individuals characterises for the various states can be accessed accurately to be able to read non verbal signals now to improve sensory sensory awareness there are some quick exercises how to make your visual awareness very strong or your ah auditory or your kinaesthetic without looking at your watch can you describemit what colour is the face of watch that is i mean also this is also very good exercise to retain the number telephone number the mobile number ten digit mobile number so without looking at your watch can you describe it what colour is the face of the watch are the number roman numerals or ordinary do you have a second hand does it rotate smoothly or does it glide is there a name written on the face if so it is in capitals i mean so many things that you can remember and you can train your mind you may look at your watch every day but not know or taken much about it so sensory acuity is when you became aware of everything now this is also one of a very good practice one of the very good exercisesyou can say for practicing to improve your sensory acuity this exercise is a two person exercise a and b bs job is to observe a to simplify the discussion let us assume a is a male b is a female a closes his eyes and thinks of someone he dislikes while a thinks about this person a begins at top of his head and slowly moves his attention down his own body noticing any physiological reaction to thinking about this person for example a may not notice tension around his eyes a pain in his shoulder or a heavy feeling in hisstomach as a is scanning his body he tells b what he is observing once a finishes describe what he has observed b tells a what she has observed for example she may have observed as eye closed tightly a red flushing around his neck very shallow breathing twitching of finger on his right hand a change in his tone or voice or an energy pushing her away from a once step three is completed a stretches and looks around the room this is called a break stage and clears the mind of the internal representation of the person a dislikes nowa closes his eyes and repeats step two and three while thinking of someone he likes break a state by stretching or looking out the window a may be surprised at the different internal reactions that he had between thinking ah of someone he dislikes of someone he likeshe may also be surprised by the reactions that he was not aware of that b described to him as a result of this exercise a may discover that he really does telegraph his feelings thoughts to others even if it is an unconscious level a chooses one of the two people he thought about earlier and does not tell b which person it is now this all to you know break the kind of pre occupy notions he closes his eyes and thinks of this person from what she observed earlier b tells a who a is thinking about almost like magic now certain precautions for sensory acuity we stick with what we have seen heard felt tested or smelt perhaps we dont ah project an opinion or guess like forexample ah you may observer that my lids curl up at the ends in the form of a smile a fact you may however tell me that i am happy a guess hallucination or mind read the smile may be a result of the fact that i have a bad case of i mean ah discomfort or pain mindreading can potentially get us into trouble consider someone who is angry versus someone who is very determined and focused in getting something done the external cues may be quite similar if we ask the person who is determined why they are angry they may indeed angry with us for making an erroneous judgement about them now with all such ah sensory awareness one can get ah some very positive result because when we speak or when we act or when we proceed to get something substantial in life it means that we are thoroughly aware with all our sensory organs so sensory acuity is a kind of power trained by neurolinguistic programming to train you to get thing in advance or quickly or cleverly because neurolinguistic programming is a process to enhance enrich your personality and through your sensory organ you are supposed to given the training to read other mind and to know where you are standing that is why certain important exercises are there to train you or to get out of you ah from a kind of ugly situation that gives you a very horrible kindof feeling like i mean the a and b cases similarly the examples i ah i mean the example i gave you regarding the watch and also the ten digit mobile number how to train your brain i mean we are accustomed to the mobile and all the numbers are there perhaps i mean we dont know our own number but to train the mind to get the power of memorising you try to remember like nine four then double three then triple nine and you repeat it reverse and you willfind that you are getting a kind of power to memorising and to have a very powerful command over your sensory organs as we were discussing that the verbal and non verbal and as we ah have seen that fifty five percent of physiological or the non verbal cues involved so we should be careful enough like even touching you are you are touching somebody while you are talking to somebody it is a kind of feeling you are transferring from yourself to that person when the situation requires to pat somebody or ah to touch somebody to get the best result you need to do that but sometime ah something happens ah completely i mean contrast you are touching somebody but as per situation it is not appropriate so you have to be very careful while you are communicating with somebodythat how to behave or what kind of appropriate ah action is required touching like listening listening that is sometimes also call empathy in negotiation and persuasion as well as i mean the which is the very important part of neurolinguistic programming and even in meta cognition and even in the ah outcome how you listen to other what kind of empathy level you have listening is a tough task you are listening to other to get but if you listen other with your feedback like the physical gesture and posture with a very positive note on your face naturally the other that is the receiver will get or or the sender will get a particular kind of satisfaction this may gives you a kind of satisfaction to and this may improve your calibre so listening to other while making discussion is also a very important part suppose in a communication there is a sender and there is a receiver where i am sending my message to the other i should be conscious over that there shouldnt be any communication gap now what do you do we mean by communication gap and for that we have to be careful enough whether we are getting feedback or not eventhe communication gap may be a kind of noise noise can be anything hindrances your voice the technical fault but it is you the sender as the sender who needs to clarify whether you are communication is going to the receiver or not and for that you have to get the feedback so sensory acuity is a very powerful aspect of non verbal communication which holds sometimes sixty five percent of the entire verbal communication and to get the goal completely your sensory awareness should be well equipped and for getting is it all sensory organs well acquit you need to practice also and that is why i gave some examples like how to become very aware or alert that is very important and any professional world it is as importantas anything else so sensory acuity gives you the power not to read the mind but to give you calibre to understand people different type of person in your professional life how to deal with them because while discussing nationality or to controlling emotion so differentpeople and different kind of attitude so how to deal you cannot deal ah with everyone on the same scale you have to fix up and fixing up the point for different kind of person what is required your understanding of people now here comes sensor acuity which is veryimportant and which gives you power to perceive or experience the world i mean if you give you a flower rose flower i mean i am just giving you an example to a person or ten person you will get ten feedback different kind of feedback may be i mean one for one it is very beautiful for one is ok the nature gift for one doesnt like because there is you know thorn in it and so on this is perception how your mind reacts to a particular situation or to a particular thing that you need to perceive as a person when dealing with a particularsituation so perceiving is totally ones faculty brain faculty or the power of of the brain of a particular person how to deal with the situation so training the brain or training yourself you have to be extra alert and for that as i mentioned earlier also you know sports is also one of the important aspects to enhance your personality because we all are under stress and when we are under stress it is very difficult to alert or to be aware and sensory organ may be failed so how to be alert how to make our self aware may be sports may be yoga may be some exercises and may be reading reading developing reading habit it is also a kind of meditation it is also a kind of relaxation it is also a kind of learning new things but all do matter when you have concentration so what i am trying to tell you or convince you that to get the best result in your life be alert try to develop the power on your nervous system power on your sensory organs this is all nervous system and neurolinguistic programming is to control the nervous system to be an effective professional and sensory acuity is one of the important vital part of that that is why i am again ah and i am telling you again and again that this worldis full of distraction now when you have to fix up the goal you have to be very concentrate you have to be very choosy you have to be very ah i mean serious in pinpointing your goal and for that you have to fix up certain things like the awareness or controlling yoursensory organs i am sure that you must have learnt the power of sensory organ and that is why it is always said that when you move ahead alert who is behind you and your surrounding perhaps that is one step to give you success thank you very much