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Technical Requirements for ALISON Courses

... In a nutshell:

Minimum Requirements Recommended
Computer PC or Mac PC or Mac
Input Device Mouse and Keyboard Mouse and Keyboard
Other Peripherals Speakers or Headphones Speakers or Headphones
Operating System MS Windows (all), Linux, Mac OS MS Windows (all), Linux, Mac OS
Screen Resolution 800x600 (Browser set to Full-Screen Display) and 24-bit colour. 1024x768 or above and 24-bit colour or above.
Internet Connection 56Kbps Modem 1 Mb Broadband (DSL)
Web Browser MS Internet Explorer (v6), Mozilla Firefox (v2.0), Google Chrome (v3.0), Apple Safari (v4), Opera (v9) MS Internet Explorer (latest), Mozilla Firefox (latest), Google Chrome (latest), Apple Safari (latest), Opera (latest)
Plug-ins/Components Adobe Flash player (v9+) Adobe Flash player (v9+), JavaScript enabled

Technical Requirements for ALISON Courses

Any modern computer that you can use to browse the Internet and World Wide Web (and read this page!) should be suitable for taking a course on ALISON. More specific technical recommendations are provided below.


We recommend a computer with at least 128 Megabytes (0.1 Gigabyte) of RAM and a 500MHz (0.5GHz) processor but, as usual, the more powerful your computer the better. The courses on this site work on computers running all versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh computers, in fact all computers that can run a web browser.

Mouse and Keyboard

You will need a mouse (or other pointing device) and a keyboard to interact with the courses and complete the assessments.

Screen Resolution

The ALISON website is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels and at least 24-bit colour. You can still use the website and view courses with a smaller resolution but the site will be more difficult to use. You will need a resolution of at least 800x600 pixels to see all of the course material on the screen at the same time, and only then if you set your browser to display at “Full-Screen” (press the F11 key to activate this when your browser is open).

Internet Connection

Each course topic is downloaded to your computer as you need it. The faster your internet connection, the faster a topic will load. An average topic will take eight seconds to download using a typical (1 Mbps) broadband connection.

Sound Card and Speakers

Many of our interactive multimedia courses contain audio, either speaking the displayed text or as an essential and integral part of the course. The course details page will inform you as to whether audio is present or not. If you have a laptop computer then it is likely to have built-in speakers and a sound card, otherwise you may need to plug in speakers if you are using a desktop computer with a sound card installed. Alternatively, you can use a pair of headphones (useful if you wish to avoid disturbing others).

Web Browser

You will need a web browser to view the ALISON website and courses. This site has been tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0, Mozilla Firefox versions 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5, Google Chrome version 3.0, Apple Safari version 4, and Opera versions 9 and 10. You can download and install the most recent version of most of these browsers for free by clicking on the links. There is no compatibility problem with having more than one browser installed on your computer at the same time.


JavaScript is a type of web code used by web pages to allow certain interactions within your web browser; it is needed for some features of this website. It is usually already turned on in your browser, but can be turned off if you are worried about security. You can still use the course content if JavaScript has been turned off, but for the full range of features it should be enabled.

Adobe Flash Player

The interactive training on ALISON is displayed using the Adobe Flash Player, a plug-in or add-on for your web browser. This is often already installed, but if it is not, or you have problems viewing our courses then you should download and install the latest version (you will need version 9 or above). The latest version can be downloaded from