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Psychometric Tests - Introduction

Psychometric Tests


The psychometric tests available through ALISON are for your own interest and enjoyment. You may allow your employer access to your score if you so choose. The word 'test' here is slightly misleading as there are no correct or incorrect answers. Instead, regard the 'tests' as a useful exercise to gain a greater insight into your own character, your personal strengths, and areas for development.

There are two tests:

  • SHAPES™: Considers your personality and competencies.
  • VIEWS™: Considers your values, motives and interests.

The results you will obtain should be viewed as simply an introduction to what is quite a complex area. Once your test has been completed, it takes approximately 30 seconds to produce the results, which you can print out.

Both tests are based on the internationally-renowned 'Cut-e MAPTQ' system and our thanks go to Cut-e for helping us to bring these instruments to you.