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ALISON and Certification

ALISON is the world's leading free online learning resource for basic and essential workplace skills. ALISON provides high-quality, engaging, interactive multimedia courseware for certification and standards-based learning. All courses on ALISON are accessible for free to individual learners.

ALISON's policy of free learning and certification for individual learners extends to the following:

1) All course materials and contents are free to access.
2) All assessments for courses are free to access.
3) Learner Record Certification – The Learner Record certificate contains information about courses being studied and completed, and is free to access. The Learner Record Certificate is free to download in PDF format and can be used as proof of study and course completion on ALISON.
4)ALISON PDF - this is a file that gives some information about ALISON and the qualifications we offer. Many learners find this of help in interview situations, as they can offer it to a potential employer.

While all learning, assessments, and Learner Records are free to access on ALISON, we do charge nominal fees on a limited number of services to maintain our services and to assist us develop and expand the range of courses we offer.

ALISON charges a nominal fee for the following services:

1) Official ALISON Certificate PDF downloads*
2) Official ALISON Certificate parchments.
3) Official ALISON Diploma parchments.
4) ALISON Manager for creating groups.
5) ALISON Testing for testing/assessing certified ALISON graduates.

* Free Certificate PDF downloads are awarded for some courses.

ALISON Certificates and Diploma Parchments

ALISON provides courseware and training within a variety of subject areas. A learner who completes a course with an average mark of 80% or more qualifies for an ALISON Certificate or an official ALISON Diploma parchment. A certificate/diploma parchment displays the learner’s name and the name of the course studied. Each parchment is issued with a hologram, bar coding and signature. It states the fact that the learner has successfully completed the certificate or diploma level course listed.

ALISON certifications are self-certified. An ALISON Certificate proves to any potential employer that the learner has successfully completed a training course and can be challenged and verified at any time via a simple online test.
As a social enterprise with a mission to make all learning freely available worldwide on every subject, ALISON does not insist that every certified learner purchase a Certificate or Parchment to become a graduate. By passing our assessment with a score of at least 80%, your achievement can be evidenced to anyone. Purchasing a physical Certificate or Parchment, however, is one way to have off-line evidence of your learning achievement, and also helps to support the expansion of the ALISON free learning mission worldwide, attracting more new learners, and providing many new and exciting courses for you and others to study. Approaching 100,000 students have become ALISON graduates worldwide since our launch in April 2007, with the number fast increasing.

The more ALISON graduates there are worldwide, the more valuable holding your ALISON Certificate or Diploma becomes; so be sure to tell all those you know of your learning achievement(s)!

Click here to read a summary of how to obtain an ALISON Certificate PDF download/parchment or Diploma parchment.

ALISON Testing

ALISON Testing allows any organisation anywhere to test any ALISON certification holder. Put simply, an ALISON Test is a short quiz of randomly generated, course-specific questions that test the knowledge and skill level of the certification holder.

This testing procedure can validate at any time whether or not an ALISON certificate holder possesses the relevant knowledge. If the learner has gained that knowledge and claimed a certificate, they should have no issue with taking an ALISON Test to validate their credentials. After all, the learner could not have become certified without an 80% grade average in their course of study.

If the learner does not achieve the expected standard in the test then, giving some consideration to the length of time that has passed since their studies were completed, questions can justifiably be asked about the appropriateness of the claim.

The ALISON Test system is possible as a result of the ‘always-on’ nature of the internet. ALISON Testing eliminates the need (to an extent) to presuppose knowledge about a subject simply because an individual claims to have studied the material in school, college, or in a previous job. After all, what is of interest to an employer is what you will know tomorrow when you start work there – not what you learned twenty years before and may have largely forgotten about in the meantime!