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C'est What You Don't Say

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    Francis M.
    Francis M.

    This course would improve my proficiency and skills in management .

    Sumaiya S.
    Sumaiya S.

    what we say we don't mean, what we mean we don't say

    Jackie N.
    Jackie N.

    non verbal communication affirms the saying "Actions speak louder than words", the non verbal communications are silent actions that communicate even when one is unaware and can easily sell one out if the don't mean their verbal communication.

    Abdel K.
    Abdel K.

    the topic I would like to discuss, is communication while you have anxiety or depression problem. It is an illness that is living with you on a daily basis. you can not steer clear of difficult conversation at your work. You can not avoid a difficult conversation till you get better, because you never will get better, the illness lives with you. what can you do? how to communicate better while your emotions are 24/7 bad????......... you can not stay at home avoiding people, you have to go to work...

    Abdifitah A.
    Abdifitah A.

    fter few hours i had learned project management with ALISON, I would like to underline that i already stepped fowards to handle a project. I have memorized the preliminary phases of how to manage a project, as i am already working in a project of chinese. The main thing a person need to is to be responsible, oraganized and respectiful because a person will be asked to deal with many people and at the same time one has to comply with every body`s way of thinking within his group, that means if you need to achieve your goals ,you have to learn and understand your fellow workers ; you will even need to lower your mind for you to discuss with a given class of people, because people are not the same in thinking, understanding and acting. So, you will need to become a student, where you are teacher of yourself. Respecting your subordinates is a way to a quick success; show them that you are the same


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