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Variations dues à des différences génétiques

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    Ghali K.
    Ghali K.

    What makes identical twins to be having different skin colour ? Example one will be more dark or browner than the other

    Ousman B.
    Ousman B.

    This is simply Genetics, the Theory of Central Dogma. The pairing of the bases; The famous adenine, thymine, cytocin and guanine. I would not be fair if I forgot about the urasil. These A-T , C-G and in RNA A-U instead of A-T as in DNA defined the living World. Basically only four at a time but mix match to clearly differentiate I from Obama, insects from another insects and the list goes on and on. It is these bases that forms a Nucleotide. This is possible when a Nitrogenous base(A,U,T,C,G) forms a phosphodiesta bond with a phospate and a sugar. All of these happens in cytoplasm. Now the Nucleotides will code towards the anticodons brought by tRNA to nucleotide rRNA. I wish you witness this process. Exactly amino acid can be formed. Remember there are 20 known amino acids for now. Meaning more can be discovered in the future. I forgot to mention the 64 codon that the Nucleotides forms. Now we have our amino acids, we need to form ptotiens. But first we need get the hell out of cytoplasm to the nucleus. Because we have been translated. Now we want to move from single stranded to double stranded, in another words RNA to DNA, we must need our famous rRNA that knows the secret of protein compositions. With the help of the enzyme, later i will talk the enzymatic reactions. The corresponding bases determine by the rRNA strand will quickly recognize their counterparts as we recognize the scent of our girlfriends lol. Matches and the most interesting part is now the single stranded rRNA will becomea double stranded DNA and the replacement of urasil to Thymine. This is DNA, this dioxoribonucleiacide tells us how genetics brings in variations among living organisms. Because putting all other factors into constant we randomly inherit allel frequencies to give us complete individual.

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