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Types de dangers

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    Nitin S.
    Nitin S.

    hse is necessity, it shall be implemented at any cost.

    Kulani Abner N.
    Kulani Abner N.

    Workers in a construction site may be exposed to various hazardous substances and physical agents, e.g. asbestos, lead, silica dust, organic solvents, sewer gases, welding fumes, radiation, noise and vibration. Excessive exposures to these substances/agents may result in acute injury, chronic illness, permanent disability or even death. Loss of concentration at work and fatigue arising from poor health conditions may increase the risk of accidents. Construction work is featured by high labour turnover, constantly changing work environment and conditions on site, and different types of work being carried out simultaneously by several contractors. These features would further increase the health risks of workers.

    Amit K.
    Amit K.

    A common way to classify hazards is by category: biological - bacteria, viruses, insects, plants, birds, animals, and humans, etc., chemical - depends on the physical, chemical and toxic properties of the chemical. ergonomic - repetitive movements, improper set up of workstation, etc., More item


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