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Notification des Accidents et incidents dangereuses

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    Miranda G.
    Miranda G.

    How many days after a serious incident do you have to report it to the H&S Authoraties

    Kulani Abner N.
    Kulani Abner N.

    Reportable dangerous occurrences Dangerous occurrences are certain, specified ‘near-miss’ events (incidents with the potential to cause harm.) Not all such events require reporting. There are 27 categories of dangerous occurrences that are relevant to most workplaces. For example: the collapse, overturning or failure of load-bearing parts of lifts and lifting ■■equipment; plant or equipment coming into contact with overhead power lines;■■ explosions or fires causing work to be stopped for more than 24 hours.■■ Certain additional categories of dangerous occurrences apply to mines, quarries, offshore workplaces and certain transport systems


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