Driving revenue: Free training for entrepreneurs and sales pros

  • Understanding the customer’s need to buy
  • Negotiating mutual interest between sales pros and customer
  • Why companies must understand competitors just as well as themselves

Galway, Ireland – March 26th, 2017: One of the world’s largest free e-learning providers, Alison, has launched a new course aimed at entrepreneurs and sales professionals who want to grow their sales figures.

Students gain a comprehensive knowledge of competitive sales techniques, including the politics of consumer behavior and factors that motivate people to buy. The crucial step of understanding competitors as well as one’s own business is also underscored.

Eric Corbett, Course Publishing Manager at Alison, said: “The principles introduced in this course can be applied in almost any business globally. Sales are the lifeblood of any company, and this course can teach the fundamentals of competitive sales techniques to industry newcomers, entrepreneurs or start-ups.”

Students are taught to look for every opportunity to boost sales and drive revenue. After an in-depth introduction to the buyer’s cycle and the sales cycle, students are taught how to negotiate mutual interest both for their clients and their organizations, as well as best practices for writing a winning proposal.

Nadine Dwyer, E-learning Specialist at Alison, said: “Our belief is that employers face a challenge with training their staff, in finding the balance between addressing the learning and development needs of their teams and staying within budget. Alison’s free courses address that challenge by allowing people all over the world to develop workplace skills like Sales for free.”


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