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Introduction au système respiratoire humain

Learn more about the human respiratory system.

Learn more about the human respiratory system.





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The respiratory system plays a vital role in the inhalation and exhalation of respiratory gases in the human body. It allows for the inhalation of gases such as oxygen in the air which can then be transported by the blood around the body to supply tissues and cells, and the exhalation of waste gases such as carbon dioxide into the air. This free online course enables the learner to explore the structure and functions of the human respiratory system. It outlines the different types of breathing and breathing cycles, and explains the different types of lung capacities. The course will be of great interest to students of medicine, biology, physiology and anatomy, as well as healthcare professionals who would like to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the human respiratory system.

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Module 1: Introduction to the Respiratory System

Module 2: Introduction to Human Breathing

Module 3: Costal Breathing

Module 4: Diaphragmatic Breathing

Module 5: Organs in the Respiratory System

Module 6: The Larynx

Module 7: The Respiratory Tree and Pulmonary Alveoli

Module 8: Lungs and Pleural Cavities

Module 9: The Pulmonary Naval and Transportation of Gases

Module 10: Introduction to the Human Respiratory System Assessment

Learning Outcomes

Après avoir terminé ce cours, vous pourrez:-décrire la structure et les fonctions du système respiratoire ;-comprendre l'échange et le transport des gaz ;-identifier les principes physiques de l'air;-et mettre en évidence la différence entre la respiration et la respiration.


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