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Effective Communication and Sales Techniques

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Effective Communication and Sales Techniques
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  • Effective Communication and Sales Techniques is a course that provides information on techniques such as preparing for and giving sales presentations, turning objections into sales opportunities, and selling your business vision. The course is ideal for business professionals, entrepreneurs, salespeople or those starting out on their sales career path. The course first introduces you to the process of preparing your sales presentation, how you can stay focused on the outcome by using pre-call objectives and how you can adapt the presentation to suit your prospects' needs. You will learn how presentations can also be used for listening, solving problems and building relationships.

    You will learn about the importance of your appearance and how to dress appropriately for a presentation to convey professionalism, competence and success. You will learn how to keep a customer-centric focus and visualize a successful outcome. The four components of the SPIN model are also covered in detail. Next, you will learn about the specific points during the sales process where objections are most likely to occur, such as when you are first trying to make contact, when making a sales presentation, and when you are attempting to close the sale. You will gain an understanding of the main types of objections that you may encounter such as product objections, source objections and money objections. You will then learn about the six strategies that can help you handle any objection and how you can turn objections into sales opportunities. You will learn how objections can help build relationships because they give you the opportunity to clarify communication and revisit your relationship with the prospect.

    Having learned about making effective sales presentations and how to turn objections into opportunities the course next introduces you to sales skills needed by entrepreneurs so that you can communicate your business vision in a clear, concise and confident manner. You will learn how to leverage business plan elements such as statement of purpose and marketing, operational, and financial plans to sell your business idea to potential clients and investors.

    This course will be of great interest to sales professionals and entrepreneurs who would like a greater understanding of the techniques involved in preparing and giving sales presentations, turning objections into sales opportunities, and selling a business vision to clients and investors.

  • After completing this course you will be able to: - Prepare for and give a sales presentation; - Dress for success for a sales presentation; - Deliver your message in a powerful and effective way; - Define SPIN selling and how to use it during the sales presentation; - Explain what a sales objection is and how to handle them; - Overcome objections and strengthen a relationship; - Explain how entrepreneurs sell themselves and their business ideas; - Discuss how to leverage internships and professional organizations; - Explain how to manage yourself as a selling professional and to manage your time.

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