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Differentiation and Functions in Mathematics

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Differentiation and Functions in Mathematics
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  • This intermediate math course continues our maths suite of courses. It covers rules and applications of differentiation, straight line graphs, graphing circular functions, logs and indices, the Binomial theorem, inverse functions, and factors of polynomials. This course is ideal for second-level students, anyone studying for an exam, and those interested in re-igniting their knowledge of mathematics!

  • After completing this course you will be more familiar with the basic functions of differential calculus, the rules of differentiation, linear combinations of functions, quotient of two functions and much more. You will gain a good knowledge of the applications of differentiation such as maximum, minimum and equations of tangents. You will know what the polynomial function is used for and how to factorise polynomials successfully. This course will demonstrate how to use straight line and circular functions on a graph successfully.You will have a good understanding inverse functions, logarithms, index laws and the binomial theorem of Pascal's Triangle.

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