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C# Programming - Coding with C# Syntax

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Improve your coding skills by learning more about the syntax of the C# programming language.
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The course C# Programming - Coding with C# Syntax introduces you to the basics of coding correctly formatted C# syntax using Visual Studio Express from Microsoft. The course begins by showing you how to use Visual Studio Express, a free software package available from Microsoft, to write correctly formatted C# syntax in a step-by-step manner.

You will learn how to write correct C# syntax for operators, expressions, and statements of duration. You will also learn how to declare and use for iterations, as well as create arrays of values and create, and call simple overload helper methods. The course then shows you how to declare and use while iterations, and the methods used to read data from a text file. You will also learn how to code with Strings and with DateTime.

This course will be of great interest to all learners who would like study a step-by-step introduction to coding using C# syntax and how to use Visual Studio Express for programming software applications.

Having completed this course you will be able to: - Write correct syntax for operators, expressions, and statements of duration; - Declare and use for iterations; - Create arrays of values; - Create and call simple overloaded helper methods; - Declare and use while Iterations; - Use methods to read data from a text file; - Work with Strings; - Work with DateTime.

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