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How do I claim my reward?

There are two referral targets you can choose from; a Free Digital Certificate or a Free Digital Diploma.

When you have reached the target to receive a free Digital Certificate (when 3 new friends have completed the process) you will see the Redeem Now button appear in your Stats Page:

Alison Referrals - Redeem

If you would like to refer further friends to earn a free Digital Diploma do not click the Redeem Now button, instead wait until the blue indicator has reached the Free Digital Diploma marker (when 25 new friends have completed the referral process):

Alison Referrals - Redeem

Once you click the Redeem Now button you will receive an email, to the email address registered to your account, which will contain the Voucher Code you can use to redeem your Digital Certificate or Digital Diploma.

If you require any further assistance please email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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