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How do I Create a Good Course Title?

    Select a course title that succinctly encapsulates the course's subject, with a maximum of 90 characters, including spaces. Publishers are advised to review existing Alison course titles for insights into crafting effective titles. It is crucial to choose the title thoughtfully, as it cannot be modified once the course is published. 

    Refer to the following five tips for creating compelling names and titles for e-learning courses:

    Use popular search queries

    Initiate the process by entering a few ideas into a search engine and observe autocomplete suggestions for potential search phrases. Prioritise popular search queries like "how-to" and topics that grab people's attention, as individuals typically turn to Google in search of practical and valuable information.

    Specify your audience

    Consider your audience and the individuals who will enrol in your course. Strive to strike a balance between specificity and inclusivity, avoiding excessive broadness. Tailor your course content to appeal to different groups, adapting your language, tone, and style accordingly.

    Keep it short and memorable

    Ensure your course title is memorable and aligns with your students' objectives. Consider whether your course serves as an introduction to a subject or aims to help students master a specific skill or field, and let these goals be reflected in the title.

    Make it accurate

    Establish accurate expectations to attract the appropriate audience for your course. The more precise and clear your course title, the better.

    Always write with a context

    Is your e-Learning course designed for beginners in your field or experts? Make sure that the course title accurately reflects the context of the course's subject matter.

    Course naming checklist

    Before you finalise your course title, do a mental check to ensure that the title is:


    • Specific to the level of students, skill, and field of study

    • Explains the benefits or learning objective

    • Easy to read and is grammatically correct

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