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How to apply?

    At Alison, we offer two distinct approaches for users to create and share courses with others:

    Becoming a Course Creator 

    A Course Creator creates the course content and uses the Alison Publishing Tool to upload the content to the learning environment. Course Creators are required to adhere to Alison's structural and pedagogical guidelines during the creation of their courses. The courses undergo a review process by Alison, and Course Creators are accountable for implementing any feedback provided by Alison.

    Becoming a Course Creator is a fulfilling journey. You can initiate the application process to become an Alison Course Creator in three simple steps:

    Step 1: Submit an Application 

    Complete the application form by providing your personal information, professional and educational background, language proficiency, and motivation. Once your application undergoes review, you will receive an email outlining the next steps.

    Step 2: Complete 2 Training Courses

    Upon submission of the application form, you will receive two emails. The initial email encompasses details about two training courses that you are required to finish:

    E-Learning Theory and Practice for Publishers

    The e-learning theory and practice course provide an overview of research-based methodologies for creating effective e-learning courses. Utilising e-learning content offers a valuable means to share your expertise with a broad audience, enhancing both your revenue and reputation. Upon completing this course, you will acquire the skills and confidence necessary to construct high-quality online courses.

    Alison Publisher Tool Training Course

    After finishing the initial course, it is essential to familiarise yourself with our Publishing Tool. While progressing through this course, you have the opportunity to directly access the Tool, allowing you to practically apply and test your newly acquired knowledge.

    The second email extends an invitation to a free webinar, offering additional insights into the process of course creation on Alison. To enrol, click the 'Register For Free' button in the email or here.

    Step 3: Login to the Publishing Tool 

    Access to the Publishing Tool will only be provided upon successful completion of the initial two application steps.

    Here is a link to the Publishing Tool where you can log in to your account.

    You can also access the Publishing Tool directly from the Alison website homepage by clicking on "Log-In to Alison Publishing," as demonstrated below:

    Step 4: Create a Test Course in the Publishing Tool 

    Upon review of your application by our Publishing team and successful completion of both training courses, you will receive an additional email containing instructions to create the test course. This course, intended for testing purposes, will not be published. Its purpose is to enable you to demonstrate your ability to effectively structure and create an engaging online course in alignment with Alison’s guidelines and standards. 

    The duration can vary based on your skill set and the extent to which you have followed the training. However, in a general sense, it should take approximately 2 hours to create your test course.

    Submit your test course for evaluation, and upon approval, you will receive an invitation to become an Alison Course Creator, allowing you to start crafting courses with your own content. It's important to note that all courses published on Alison undergo thorough reviews before they are published.

    The application process itself requires around 5 minutes to complete, the two training courses each take approximately 90 minutes, and the creation of the Test Course may take about 2 hours. You have the flexibility to complete these steps at your own pace. Upon submitting your test course, you can expect to receive an email regarding the success of your application within approximately a week. Please be aware that this timeframe may vary based on the volume of applicants.


    Becoming an Assisted Course Creator

    If you require additional assistance in crafting your course, opting for the Assisted Course Creator route might be the ideal solution. This pathway entails our in-house Content Assistants collaborating closely with you to structure and develop the course in accordance with Alison’s guidelines. Using the content you provide, they will curate a professionally designed course on your behalf. This approach enables you to concentrate on creating high-quality content, while our team manages the technical aspects. Please note that there is a small fee associated with this option, which will be deducted from the revenue generated by your course.

    If you possess subject matter expertise and have content ready to share but lack familiarity with course creation tools, our team is ready to assist. We will collaborate with Content Assistants to construct your course using our publishing tool.


    Completing the application typically requires around 5 minutes. Following that, you will submit your content to the Alison Publishing team for review to determine its suitability. After their assessment, the team will reach out to you, offering a timeline for delivery. Various factors, such as the length and number of the courses you are providing, can influence the duration of this process. However, as a general practice, we aim to respond within a week or so.

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