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How long does it take to publish a course on Alison?

    Many factors affect the length of time it takes to publish a course on Alison. 

    Do you plan to develop a concise certificate course with a minimum study time of 90 minutes, or are you working on an extensive diploma that spans up to 25 hours of study? Additionally, your choice between being a Course Creator, utilising the Publishing Tool independently to construct your content, or selecting the Assisted Course Creation route, where our in-house experts organise the provided content on your behalf, can impact the timeline.

    Regardless of your chosen route, your course will undergo a review by the Alison Publishing team. They may provide feedback or request additional edits to ensure your course attains the highest quality standards.


    As a Course Creator, you possess the most control over the publishing timeline, with the actual duration depending on the amount of time you can dedicate to the course creation process.

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