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Payment process - Publishing

    Understanding the payment process is pivotal. In this article, we'll walk you through the payment journey step by step, ensuring clarity of the process. 

    Step 1 - Payout Preview

    A Payout Preview notification is sent to all publishers on, or around, the 7th working day of the first month of each quarter. The preview will contain the Statement of Account with the following information:

    “Proposed Payment” is the final amount that you will be receiving. The minimum payout amount has recently been increased to €250. If the payout amount is less than €250 then the Proposed Payment section will show €0 and the balance will be carried forward as Opening Balance for the next quarter

    Step 2 - Activate Financial Report

    Once you receive the Payout Preview notification, the “Agree” button will be activated in the Financial Report on your dashboard. The Agree button will be available until the 25th working day of the new quarter. After this, the button will be removed.

    You must click on the Agree button to trigger your payment.

    Please contact [email protected] if you:

    1. do not have access to the dashboard

    2. are unable to see the “Agree” button despite having a payout amount due

    3. find an error in your payout amount calculation

    Step 3 - Invoice

    After clicking on the Agree button, if this is your first payout, you should send an invoice for the payable amount to [email protected].

    The invoice should contain the following information:

    1. Your full name

    2. Your full address (including country)

    3. Your chosen payment method

    Payment method - PayPal

    If you want to be paid through PayPal, then please mention your full PayPal email.

    Payment method - Bank transfer

    If you want to be paid through a bank transfer, then please mention the following bank details in your invoice:

    • Bank Name:

    • Name on Account:

    • Account Number:

    • IBAN:

    • Swift/Bic code:

    • Bank Address:

    • Country:



    1. Once we receive your invoice with the correct information, the payment will be made between the 14th and 20th.

    2. If you click on the Agree button but do not send an invoice, the payment will be made to your previously shared details after 25 days. However, we still require at least one invoice during the year. If you have not submitted any invoice till Quarter 4, the final payout will be withheld till an invoice is received.

    3. If you send in your invoice without having clicked on the Agree button, the payment can not be processed.

    4. If you don't click on the Agree button before it is removed, and don’t send an invoice either, your payment will be carried forward as Opening Balance for the next quarter.

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